PREMIUM Properties

Ежедневные курсы валют

Валюта Валюта/THB
U.S. Dollar (USD) 31.55
British Pound (GBP) 39.75
Euro (EUR) 35.72
Australian Dollar (AUD) 21.89
Canadian Dollar (CAD) 23.34
Swiss Franc (CHF) 33.00
Chinese Yuan (CNY) 4.44
Japanese Yen (JPY) 0.29
Russian Rouble (RUB) 0.46
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 4.07
Indian Rupee (INR) 0.42
Singapore Dollar (SGD) 22.57
Thai Baht (THB) 1.00

Долгосрочная аренда

23,000 THB/месяц
Bangtao | бизнес / реклама
Интерьер Размер: 75 Кв.м.

Beauty Salon Shop in Bangtao.

60,000 THB/месяц
Patong | бизнес / реклама
Интерьер Размер: 65 Кв.м.

Newly Guest House for sale with 8 rooms fully furnished near Jungceylon in Patong. Available for lease of 9 years contract, rental price is 60,000 Bath/Month and Key money is 900,000 THB.

100,000 THB/месяц
Patong | бизнес / реклама

This building has just been furnished and is now ready to open as a hotel. The premium location is extremely rare and usually impossible to find at such a low price. Hotels in this location would usually go for THB 5 Millions minimum.

120,000 THB/месяц
Kathu | бизнес / реклама

Key money 2,000,000 THB for 9 years contract

150,000 THB/месяц
Patong | бизнес / реклама

The Restaurant and Bar is one of the finest sports bar at heart of Patong Beach, Phuket. Situated inside The Hotel, Restaurant and Bar is newly renovated. Facilities comprising 80 Seating capacity, Stylishly furnished with modern entertainment and relaxed concept, Modern ambience...

245,000 THB/месяц
Patong | бизнес / реклама

Modern Guest House with 34 Bedrooms available for lease of 9 years contract, rental price is 245,000 Bath/Month and Key money is 3,500,000 THB. This hotel is just minutes away from the Patong Beach, shopping paradise and nightlife entertainment.

270,000 THB/месяц
Patong | бизнес / реклама
Интерьер Размер: 312 Кв.м.

400,000 THB/месяц
Patong | бизнес / реклама
Интерьер Размер: 2560 Кв.м.

The trendy design with Chinese charm of 46 comfortable guest rooms, the hotel comprise with two lifts, two living at the ground floor, breakfast room, Reception and motorcycle parking.